Casino Magazines – Print or Online?

Traditional games have gradually migrated to digital platforms as it is known that we are in the process of digitization in our current world. The media have not been able to escape this reality and they have started creating high-quality websites available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Sites like have certainly benefited from both.

For more than three decades, The Casino Player provided high-quality information to the public about casino games, under great editorial production, and unmatched visual quality. However, to broaden its content, they decided to create Casinocenter as their digital extension.

The idea came from the fact back in early in 1995 they glimpsed that the Internet would be the future for all media.

Featured image Casino Magazines Print or Online Sample Magazine - Casino Magazines - Print or Online?

Its printed edition is published 12 times per year at the rate of one issue updated per month. Each issue talks about the latest news in the world of gambling to interested users and vacationers.

Although the printed version is great, the digital portal updates its content much more frequently, sometimes more than once a day.

There are many benefits to switching to the digital platform. Significant savings are evident in the natural resources used for the printing and preparation of physical magazines. Additionally, the digital platform better supports the interaction between readers and content creators. This has allowed them to adapt to the reader’s requirements.

Although print magazines have their benefits, digital magazines are eco-friendlier, easily updated, and frequently reinvented. Luckily, you don’t have to choose, as there are plenty of both digital and printed editions, where you can read about the casino industry and your favourite game launches.

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